Set Up Your Blog Today!

The Yosemite Community College District offers the WordPress blogging service to our employees as an alternative to publishing a “traditional” website. WordPress provides website owners with a fast and simple way to launch and maintain a professional looking website. If you are interested in obtaining a blog, please contact the web resource person on your campus, or send and email to

YCCD does not offer web hosting services, including blogging, to student organizations, students, or the general public. If you are not a YCCD employee and would like to launch a WordPress blog, please take a look at the free blogging service offered by the creators of WordPress at WordPress.Com.

What is a blog?

Blogging is the posting of journal-like pages to a website. While these pages can contain photos or media, they are primarily focused on the easy ability to post written thoughts to a website. The postings are organized chronologically. Typically, a blog “post” can be “commented” on by others, allowing for a dialogue on a the topic of the post.

Educators will often start a blog for providing communication to students, parents, or other educators. Sometimes this is just the posting of homework or other assignments in one easy-to-find location. Other times this can be a richer description of the things taking place in the classroom, specifically drawing the parents into what their children are working on, or for students who have been absent. This type of blog can also take advantage of the comment feature for students and parents to ask questions or for clarification, where the answer would be of interest to all the readers.

A teacher blog that posts questions about current subject matter can be a great way to introduce students to responding in writing and contributing collaboratively. For instance, a teacher might ask specific thought-provoking questions about a book the class is reading, and ask for students to respond through the comments feature with their ideas. This is often done as a voluntary exercise to help demonstrate the uses of blogs in easy steps.


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